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At the centre of the Jiu Gong Ge is Wagu Beef Dice with Honey and Pepper.

Other appetizer included Smoked Quail Egg, Scallop with Sea Urchin Sauce, White Cabbage with Chinese Mustard Sauce, Salmon Confit, Honey Glazed Frog Leg, Purple Beancurd Puree, Bitter Gourd and Morel with Cheese and Tandoori Mango.

Indulge in the succulent king prawn cooked to perfection. Presented on a RUYI dish with auspicious graphic pattern covered by a delicate lid with a gold knob.

The translucent sauce is poured in a circular motion on this ‘seafood steak’ from a gold and white pitcher.

Complemented with a refreshingly aromatic chilled Kuan Yin tea to accentuate the soulful experience.

This infusion is no ordinary double boiled chicken soup.

Taste the fragrance of rare fresh matsutake mushooms from Yunnan province, the indulgent black truffle wonton and fish maw or sea cucumber.

Served in a RUYI teapot designed by Legle Porcelain’s Creative Director Peter Ting, you pour the soup into a fragrance cup designed to maximize the aroma of the liquid within.

Notice that your tableware and even delicacies are not quite the same as your neighbour’s.

Alternating between black and gold setting or is it white and platinum? A subtle take on the yin and yang aspect in Chinese culture that is part of the essence behind the RUYI series

Open the lid to reveal not just one variety but two – qian kun abalone that adds another auspicious element to your dining experience.

Let your eyes and taste buds enjoy the sensation of comparing the flavour and texture of this delicacy from two continents – Australia and South Africa.

Presented in a RUYI lidded dish that retains the heat and aroma and a golden spoon. Accompanied with an elegant Burgundy.

Next is the pre-dessert of artistic proportions presented on a dainty platinum platter.

A colourful edible bouquet of flora and fruit encased in a jelly with subtle hints of sauvignon blanc. It redefines the expression “simply looks too good to eat”.

A visual experience for the eyes and a culinary sensation for the tongue. Poetically paired with a premier French dessert wine sweet as honey.

The dessert platter contains a mixture of Western and Chinese desserts presented on an exquisite RUYI platter.

Qinghua porcelain teacup, bone white china sake cup and gold dish are feast for the eyes.

The tiramisu, gelato and Hong Kong favourites are served in dainty portions. The gelato is made from Wujiapijiu from Hong Kong’s Wing Lee Wai Wine Merchants. Imagine tasting purity akin to snowflakes dissolving on your tongue with lingering notes.

RUYI Gastronomy Experience is rounded off with heritage Pu’er tea where any feeling of heaviness after a sumptuous feast is swept away by the tea’s taste balancing properties.