The Peninsula Tokyo / Tokyo

Imperial bird’s nest in silky fowl soup, black truffle, egg custard

Prized as a lavish offering to emperors, the red imperial bird’s nest is the epitome of culinary indulgence. Served together with a silky fowl soup, black truffle and a creamy egg custard, this course augurs lavishness and grandeur.

Presented with ceremony on the RUYI Indigo Blue dining plate, the sky blue glaze is reminiscent of junyao from the Song dynasty, while the wide rim of the plate is designed with the classic Chinese window pane motif in a combination of the precious metal gold, both bright and matte.

This Imperial Bird’s Nest course celebrates harmony through the clash of royal colours – blue, red and yellow – both in the food and tableware, to achieve the greatest aesthetic effect via the synthesis of opposing elements. A true feast for the senses, befitting royalty.

Sanriku Black Abalone

In this course, the perfect balance of the 5 flavours and yewei (野味) – the sensation of indulgence and seduction – is deftly showcased.

Highly sophisticated and holistic, the philosophy of fine Chinese cuisine is intimately interconnected and explicable by reference to the “whole” – the coupling of tastes and sensations.

Chef Dicky’s prowess is reflected in this wok fried ‘live’ Sanriku black abalone with his ‘five taste sauce’ and Chinese kale. It is the superb technique of his wok skills, guahen, to achieve the consistency of the sauce through the beauty of the glaze, purity of taste and length of the after-taste.

More than an acrobat of the wok, alchemy unfolds as chef perfects the benchmarks of fine Cantonese cuisine. LEGLE has designed a plate especially for The Peninsula Tokyo to present this ‘masculine’ course.

Featuring the double happiness motif, a jade coloured centre with matte gold trimming, this purposeful play on the clash of colours exudes sheer oriental luxury.

A cold brewed dancong tea, with floral notes of peach and honey served at 10° to 12° Celsius, act as a counterpoint to enhance the umami of the abalone and the sweetness of the kale, whilst lifting and amplifying hints of the 20 year old aged tangerine peel, a key ingredient in the ‘5 taste sauce’.

Braised King Prawn with Shanghai Crab Roe, Chinese noodles

Yinyang(陰陽), the ubiquitous symbol in Chinese philosophy rooted in Taoism is the main feature of this course.

Unctuous, golden crab roe, associated with liang (cooling), an aspect of the feminine yin, is accentuated by the deconstructed jelly made from Cantonese vinegar with its sharp yet sweet nuances, and beautifully balanced by the masculine yang from the accompanying ginger tea.

This perfect harmony is further distinguished by LEGLE’s Yinyang (陰陽) tableware in two styles – white with platinum on a base plate of crackled egg shell pattern (representing yin) and gold with a black base plate (representing yang).

Guests will be served alternately, in yin and yang styled table service, to embrace the equilibrium and be inspired by the aesthetics and antiquity of ancient China.