Mandarin Oriental / Taipei

The exquisitely designed Mandarin Oriental, Taipei, is set to bring Mandarin Oriental’s legendary service to the city.

Mandarin Oriental, Taipei is ideally located in the heart of the city on Dunhua North Road, Taipei°¶s main boulevard renowned for its vast canopy of trees and designed with classic inspiration and contemporary touches, is the most spacious in the city.

The restaurants and bars at Mandarin Oriental, Taipei showcase innovative concepts and superlative cuisine in stylish and sophisticated settings.

Designed by international design master Tony Chi, Ya Ge, the fine dining Cantonese restaurant provides a beautiful setting to enjoy excellent cuisine with personalized service and a range of private rooms for entertaining.

Imperial palace Jiu Gong Ge appetizer

Each delectable bite on a dish of contrasting color selected for visual and graphic effect.

Black lacquer and splash gold with succulent golden coated prawn, late Yuan Dynasty marble red with mullet roe, Qinghua blue white porcelain with morel, stone mosaic from Suzhou with spinach, garoupa served on indigo glaze, rose lacquer with chilled asparagus, hand painted platinum with sunfish, finely crafted gold with siu mai, pea green in fortune cloud motif with cauliflower and abalone sitting atop like a boat on a river, amusing for the eyes and scrumptious for the tongue.

Savor the dishes in any order of your choosing to increase the enjoyment in this interactive dining experience.

Braised Japanese Cucumber with Conpoy, Fish Maw, Red Date and Taiwanese Red Barley

Be prepared for the spectacle that awaits you as this dish is presented on LEGLE Porcelain white gold bowl with simple lines and spectacular patterns on platinum gold platter.

Ingredients such as red date, conpoy, fish maw and sea cucumber with vegetables are placed delicately inside. The soup and sauce are prepared using slow heat until it thickens to the right consistency.

Vegetables retaining their original shape are laid out like a fishing boat. Red dates akin to lights of fishing boats created the perfect balance in texture, color and flavor.

The red barley is sautéed and placed on hand-painted luxurious platinum small dish.

After sampling these two dishes, take note of the red barley juice presented in a fragrance cup, which is the proud recipient of the Best New Product 2012 awarded by the World Tea Expo, reminiscent of those which first appeared in the south.

The receptacle is chosen for its clarity to allow sampling the liquid to another level of indulgence.

Caramel / whisky parfait glace, apple tatin, vanilla mousse, caramel sauce

Feast your eyes as this course is presented on stunning porcelain and glassware alongside a crystal goblet.

Wait in anticipation as the lid is opened to reveal the dessert inside. Smell the smoke scent of the burned dried Osmanthus blossom, and caramelized apple, whisky parfait glace and vanilla mousse are revealed exquisitely.

The smoke scent is the 12 year old Kavalan whiskey, which is the proud recipient of the Golden Award in 2014.

In comparison with the European dessert flavor, the Taiwan dessert has a smoother taste due to the fresh/ sourness from the fruit with espuma cream.

This dessert is presented on a special show plate designed by LEGLE Porcelain for RUYI Gastronomy. Its pattern design is inspired from the tradition double happiness motif.

Petit Nine

Known for its delicious desserts, the Mandarin Oriental Taipei team has infused Taiwanese elements into this delightful dessert platter.

Marvel at the luxurious grey lacquer shell pattern platter consisting of 8 small dishes and a cup in both gold and platinum.

The sweet bites presented inside the platinum dishes include chocolate sandwich, oolong tea chocolate, almond cookies and black vinegar jelly.

Served in gold dishes are fruit sweets, chocolate truffle and parfait with the centerpiece strawberry placed in a gold cup.

Which dessert should you start with? May we suggest starting from any side and finishing at the center. Delicate or rich, sour or sweet, taste them all in this opulent finale of this extraordinary feast.