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The Chang Brothers

Family symbolizes strength in unity and commitment. Nothing better represents that devotion than the Chang Brothers collaborating via Inhesion Group and Legle Porcelain. Each with individual skills and passions, these three brothers have merged their talents to develop an artistic powerhouse of porcelain prowess.

CEO and Head of Creative Resources

Desmond seamlessly intertwines his two most prominent passions: fine dining and fine art. Growing up in a family that nurtured his curiosity of design and production of tableware, he has long since understood the finer uses and interactions between utensils and dishes. Having studied art and art history, Demond is the creative mind behind a series of interactive RUYI Gastronomy experiences around mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan. He is committed to improving the perception of Chinese cuisine along with its international influence. He does so by joining forces with innovative chefs to cast a revealing light on the great regional Chinese cuisines. Together, they present modern culinary interpretations in the context of sophisticated table settings.

Desmond Chang

CEO and Head of Creative Resources
Our Team

Aric Chang

COO & Executive Sales Director

Kevin Chang

Managing Partner

Antony Tan

Sales Director

Helen Wong

General Manager

Mitchell Ma

Deputy General Manager

Lu Zhou

Design Director

LEGLE Cooperates with Distributors

One of Legle’s prominent slogans is “Let’s Create Together”. This slogan was selected specifically to reflect Legle’s cohesive collaboration process with external distributors. These partnerships are orchestras – multiple musicians playing a multitude of instruments to serenade audiences with melodic symphonies. The Legle team devotes endless energy to understanding an artist’s vision and produces tableware that aligns precisely with their dreams. Temperature, proportion, space, color, and taste are all taken into account when harmonizing these masterful concertos. Functionality is also a major factor. Durability, storability, maintenance; projects are tailor made to consummate every chorus.

Distributors are valued affiliates; while these partners are granted sovereignty based on their country, they are local representatives of the Legle brand. They are equipped with internal resources and brand managers to ensure they are fully knowledgeable about Legle’s mission and vision. These beneficiaries and their ability to grow the Legle brand globally has been key to Legle’s success.

LEGLE Working with Chefs

Legle’s second slogan is “Be Inspired”. This too was attentively worded to communicate Legle’s dedication to functionality and artistic expression. Legle’s main goal is not to create refined tableware; instead, Legle’s mission is to provide culinary craftsmen the right equipment to express their gastronomic masterpieces. Legle models a cyclical sequence of inspiration; Legle helps to inspire the chefs who then help to inspire the guests they serve. It is an inspiriting process that’s ultimate goal is to leave diners in awe and amazement.

In order to accomplish this goal, Legle must work closely with the chefs to get a clear understanding of their overarching and underlying philosophies. Desmond Chang himself visits their venues and tastes their tantalizing meals to gain a comprehensive understanding of the immersive entertainment that guests eventually will enjoy. Fine dining is a production, a presentation of proportion, space, color, taste, ambience. Legle collaborates closely with chefs to add the finishing touches that polish their final performance.

Born into a reputable family of porcelain purveyors, Desmond has been nurtured in the design and production of tableware since childhood. He Knows well the finer uses and interactions between utensils and dishes, and is committed to improving the perception of Chinese cuisine and its international influence.

In 2012, he launched RUYI Gastronomy, which according to him, is “the happiest thing”. RUYI Gastronomy is not only a dinner party, but also a journey of exploring the history, geography, cuisine and culture of various regions. Throughout the quest, he not only boldly explored the possibilities of Chinese cuisine, but also sought his own edification and understanding.

In recent years, he set out on a tireless expedition researching various regional Chinese cuisines. He is currently the president of Home Base International Co., Ltd., vice president of Inhesion Group and brand partner of LEGLE PORCELAIN.

Aric’s official title is COO and Sales Director but ultimately, Aric is a solution provider. After Desmond’s creativity and Kevin’s creation, Aric adds his business and e-commerce expertise. He ensures that each product is the right fit for each client. Not only regarding the aesthetic look and feel of the design, but also the functionality, budget, and execution. 

Aric confirms that each individual product as well as each expansive project sends the exact message that the chefs were intending. Chefs, and all others in the dining industry, are not just clients to Aric; they are motivation in the form of close connections.

Aric thoroughly enjoys producing immaculate tableware, yet his favorite aspect of this industry is meeting people who have like passions, absorbing their intoxicating spirit is what motivates him to put in all the energy that he does.

Kevin is an avid believer that good things in life should be shared. Kevin shares his love of gastronomy and passion for hospitality not only with his brothers, but with the elaborate community of fine diners.

With a heavy focus on technique, Kevin materializes products from scratch. After Desmond innovates a creative tableware design, Kevin is the one who brings the idea to life. Many industries are straying away from designing porcelain as it is a challenging and precise art form, which only motivates Kevin further. He is not only proud to innovate techniques that many others find challenging, but he is also honored to propagate centuries-old Chinese cultural heritage. Kevin takes great joy in collaborating with like-minded gastronomy geniuses who, firstly, preserve cultural legacies and, secondly, blend them.

I am Anthony Tan, Sales Director at Inhesion Asia.

F&B not only reign supreme in Hotel, MICE & Hospitality Industries, it is also the most exciting and dynamic sector!

Let us take you thru a journey to bespoke your tableware as it adds value and enhances your customers’ multi-sensory experience.

From conceptualising, to actualising, we provide a total TABLE top solution, from design proposal, to sample and your finished tableware, according to your establishments’ design and theme.

You are assured of top technical expertise, service and support our team offers.

Let’s have a chat, together we will find your competitive edge…Let’s create together!

Helen is a charming person full of passion for beautiful things in life and of great charisma and leadership in the organization.

She has over 15 years of extensive experiences in merchandising lifestyle products of all sorts, handling multi chains of communication and information with outstanding excellence.

She has been leading the team to new heights in the past 2 years with her marvelous interpersonal skills and professionalism, and she will definitely lead the team to offer the best solutions and bespoke tableware services to our valued customers and partners.

Mitchell has over 10 years of experience in servicing luxury hotels and high end restaurants, and as such, offers comprehensive yet unique tabletop solutions.

He has in-depth understanding of the F&B market in China and is well trained & experienced in porcelain and decal manufacturing processes and techniques, to ensure that the proposals to customers are suitable and achievable.

He has great passion for the porcelain industry, he is friendly, highly attentive to customers, and he is looking forward to CREATING TOGETHER with YOU!

Chinese-born, London-based Swedish ceramic designer Lu is an unusual creative force with a wide range of skills for the brand.  She studied at some of the best art and design universities in Asia and in Europe. Before joining the team, her designs were sold in some of the leading lifestyle stores in Sweden and England. She has a broad knowledge in the field, a deep understanding of the clients and an immense amount of creativity. She loves nature, people, food and places.