Jade Mansion / Shanghai

Located on the 4th of Shanghai IFC in Lujiazui, Jade Mansion covers an area of around 1,300 sqm.

As a premium brand under the King Mang Jade Garden Group, the restaurant has taken the meaning of state banquets to a new level.

Jade Mansion selects only the finest ingredients and pays intricate detail to create culinary dishes that evoke a sense of elegance, subtlety and beauty.

The main focus is to bring the philosophy and history of Chinese culture into fine dining.

It is this dedication to excellence that enables fine Huaiyang culinary craftsmanship to be passed on from one generation to the next.

The first course Jin Gong Ge appetizer

Imagine the ‘wow’ factor as this nine-in-one course is presented on nine colourful round dishes in three rows and columns on a platinum rim square platter representing the Jiu Gong Ge (Nine Halls Diagram).

The number ‘nine’ is regarded as the most auspicious number, a symbol of immense wealth and power.

Crab fillet, foie gras, smoked fish, prawns, pigeon are just a sampling of the delectable bites meticulously placed in receptacles of silver, gold, turquoise, black lacquer and more.

Each dish is of contrasting colour chosen for visual effects representing different periods in China’s history of fine porcelain – red from Yuan Dynasty and blue and white from Ming Dynasty and more… Savour the dishes in any order of your choosing to increase the fun in this interactive dining experience.

Angelica pigeon soup with truffle dumpling

Indulge in this course of duality. Part of the pigeon breast is prepared into a fine translucent jelly presented on a hand painted gold platinum spoon.

The other portion is made into an Angelica broth. Pour the soup from the teapot into the elegant fragrance cup and let its aroma come through.

Angelica is known for its therapeutic properties of improving blood circulation and is often used in health tonics. Savour and feel warm immediately.

Finally sample the petite four-pouch dumpling with truffle. So intricate and delicate, you don’t want to eat it. But when you do, it simply dissolves on your tongue.

Pigeon with Bird’s Nest

Since ancient times, Bird’s Nest has been regarded as an imperial food in China.

The pigeon breast is deboned and stuffed with bird’s nest so fine it resembles white jade. Let your palate take in this delicacy and enjoy the succulent meat of this heavenly offering.

The sauce is a tantalizing extraction of beef and chicken stock. Served on a vibrant red soup bowl with imperial four-petal edge that excludes royalty accentuated with the accompanying gold spoon.

Peony Prawn with Gingko

Selecting the freshest large fleshy river prawns and employing the dexterity of traditional Huaiyang culinary carving skills, the succulent prawn is transformed into a blossoming Peony.

Juices are sealed during cooking and released at tasting. This gastronomic art is presented on a black glaze lotus bowl for contrasting visual effect.

Accompanied with potato and honey gingko that is crisp to the bite. A touch of lemon foam is added on top.

All the ingredients are integrated to create a picturesque scene of the setting sun among auspicious clouds.

Imagine indulging in a dining moment that captures the essence of a beautiful Chinese poem. It lingers in your mind forever.

Smoked Beef Cheek with Porcini Mushroom

Feast your eyes as this course is presented on stunning porcelain and glassware alongside a Spiegelau crystal goblet.

Wait in anticipation as the lid is opened to reveal the delicacies inside. Smell the aroma and as the gentle mist clears, catch a glimpse of the slow braised beef cheek, fragrant porcini mushroom and pork dumplings.

The skin of the dumplings made from glutinous rice offers contrast of taste and texture with the juicy beef cheek.

Served on awe-inspiring majestic tableware created by renowned porcelain designer Peter Ting.

Baked Sea Cucumber with Black Truffle

The sea cucumber is soft and fleshy known for its high nutritional value.

It helps to restore kidney, lower blood pressure, nourish blood and more.

To ensure its greatest efficacy, fresh sea cucumbers are dried, placed aside for 4 to 5 days and then stewed with meat juices.

Black truffle is then used to bring out the flavour from the sea cucumber. Chinese cabbage is lightly cooked and served as a base for the sea cucumber.

This course is presented on a bowl with ceramic blue core and broad gold rim with bright and matte gold patterns inspired by ancient wooden window frames.

Marvel at this display of the modern and tradition, a symbolic interpretation of man and the universe as one.

Stuffed Bamboo Fungus with Watercress

Bamboo fungus and matsutake mushroom, two of the finest in the mushroom family are used to prepare this dish.

Imagine greens caught in a white net, the bamboo fungus is stuffed with watercress resembling a precious jade cabbage.

The taste is fresh, light and a crispy bite with flavour of mushroom seeping through. Enjoy with chicken broth for an enduring taste.

Beautifully presented in an elegant and whimsical cracked gold box from LEGLE Porcelain, adding magic to this course.

Fried Longxu Noodles in Soup

The soup base is made from fresh prawn heads. Premium Longxu noodles are hand made in nine movements for its auspicious meaning.

The noodles are soft and smooth resembling a comb of the finest white jade. Skin of red tomato is removed, the fruit cooked and placed on noodles like jewel on a crown.

Let your tongue explore the yummy soup with a slight tangy taste. This dish is served in a RUYI gold and white rice bowl, on an indigo plate and grey platter with gold edges accompanied by a gold spoon. Delight in the contrast of colours.

Stewed Milk and Chrysanthemum Dessert

The RUYI Gastronomy Experience is rounded off with this interesting dessert platter where the best of west and east are explored.

Savour the seductive milk with a hint of chrysanthemum taste.

Served on blue and white Qinghua bowl on a platter with unique grey patterns inspired by the Jingdezhen pottery from the 1680s.

This porcelain arrangement is traditional yet elegant and showcases the pinnacle of craftsmanship in the Ming & Qing Dynasties. Selection of five east and west sweet bites are cute and dainty and takes enjoying desserts to a new experience.

Colourful macaron, Chinese pancake, sesame walnut rice pudding, cashew puff and sweet radish dumpling in soup. Placed on LEGLE Porcelain petite colour plates, these temptations add fun as you decide which dessert to sample first.