RUYI Gastronomy Chapter IX: 24 Flavours of Sichuan

16 November 2019, Chengdu China

With this 9th and latest edition, in the renaissance of Chinese epicurean journeys, RUYI Gastronomy: 24 Flavours of Sichuan pays homage to the vibrancy of this regional cuisine.  Staying true to the key tenets – Aesthetics, Auspiciousness, Celebratory, Harmony and Lavishness of fine Chinese cuisine, let us embark on this expedition in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province, where a glorious spectrum of flavour profiles and complexity of culinary techniques abound.


A Kaleidoscope of Flavour Profiles

The sophistication of this cuisine lies in the different combinations of 7 basic flavours: sweet, sour, numbing, spicy, umami, aromatic and savoury.  The intensity of each flavor, the interaction of ingredients, the different techniques of cooking, the control of heat source spark a different chemical reaction – a matrix of complex flavor profiles, hence the adage “one dish one character, a hundred flavours in a hundred dishes”.


RUYI Gastronomy: 24 Flavours of Sichuan Cuisine

Launched in mid November 2019, this gastronomic journey, in collaboration with Xu’s Creative Cuisine, Chengdu, showcases the myriad of flavours – with depth and complexity, through 17 courses in this grand banquet. Each flavor – unique and intrinsic, whilst being harmonious via sensible and appropriate sequence, in a thoughtfully curated menu…



RUYI Gastronomy Chapter IX: 24 Flavours of Sichuan

Exclusively showcased at Xu’s Creative Cuisine, Chengdu until June 2020

For reservations, kindly contact:

Xu’s Creative Cuisine

Telephone:  +86 28-63913306



No. 5, 6th Floor, Block A, Renhe Spring Shopping Mall, Chenghan South Road, Gaoxin District, Chengdu 610041, China

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