Black Ruyi Gold

Black and gold are two colors that have long since exuded an impression of opulence and elegance. The Black Ruyi Gold Collection is no different. The black color in this design does not evoke the spirit of darkness but instead gleams with a deep luminescence. The gold shines with an aura of luxury and prosperity.

Aptly named, the Black Ruyi Gold Collection calls upon Chinese philosophy to symbolize power and good fortune. While ancient practices often employed ruyi talismans, this collection offers an entire tableware set to embody the treasured element of Chinese tradition.

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Éric Briffard

Words from the Chef that uses this collection:

Gleaming with the warm luster and translucence of fine jade, Ruyi is one of LEGLE Porcelain’s signature collections. The rounded corners, fluid curves, and clean lines embody the essence of Chinese ethos and philosophy. Lavishly lined in gold, the collection is perfectly suited for private dining rooms and sumptuous settings.

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