Jade Dragon

“Jade blue is the color of China.” Jade blue, the most emblematic of the oriental culture, is used as the theme color with the five-clawed dragon, the symbol of the imperial power, hovering above mountains and amidst clouds, paving a magnificent and solemn appearance for each piece of the series.

With the serenity and calmness of the jade blue and the unmatched power of the five-clawed dragon infused together, a new embodiment of prestige and modesty is created. With traditional Chinese fret patterns decorated on the rims, Jade Dragon also represents propitious blessings of everlasting fortune and prosperity.

Jade Dragon is the first of a handful to be designed by the RUYI team and manufactured by LEGLE as part of a collaboration called RUYI for LEGLE PORCELAIN. “All the RUYI for LEGLE PORCELAIN collections will have profound DNA, and each pattern will have a clear philosophical, cultural, or historical grounding,” says Chang. “I see this as a preview of the RUYI brand before it really launches and releases its own collections, so that people can easily understand its core spirit: Eastern philosophy, modern sensibility.”

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