Magical allure of porcelain

“For over 50 years, Legle have used their knowledge to develop a range of high melting coloured glazes (fired to over 1100ºC), which are unique in the world.”

Each glaze is created at the heart of the company, from its formulation to its production launch. This experience with high melting glazes has made Legle, with a catalogue containing over 25 colours, a market leader in this sector. Our coloured glazes’ unique appearance in terms of depth and gloss is a measure of the quality achieved by qualified employees, who are always ready to listen.
Porcelain which has been coloured in this way is fired to a high temperature in our kilns, then sorted in order to discard defective items. Finally, the gilders delicately apply the gold and platinum to the rim and marly of the plates as well as to the cup handles and rims. This meticulous work requires experience, skill and dexterity; due to the fact that the line must not waver and must be of a constant thickness.
The gold and platinum are then matured in the kiln to around 820ºC, in order to fix them to the porcelain. The gold is then polished to give it lustre and shine.
In this way, Legle immortalises the image of the great French tradition of the art of living throughout the world.