LEGLE Jade Dragon x WING Restaurant

24 August 2021

The Chinese restaurant founded by critically-acclaimed Chef Vicky Cheng,
« WING » named after his Chinese name.
“Finally, with a solid foundation of the cooking, it reaches the moment to step out of
my comfort zone, and to realize my dream of opening « WING »
with respect to the Chinese traditions, while adding new ideas, combinations,
and perhaps even a little bit of cross-trained techniques,” Chef Vicky says.
For Chef Vicky, selecting tableware for Chinese cuisine
is more complicated than for Western cuisine.

First of all, it must keep the temperature and wok hei of the dish.
Secondly, people can easily tell it’s Chinese food from the photo.
When he prepared to open the Chinese restaurant, he indeed considered the two factors.

Legle Porcelain is chosen by Chef Vicky not only because it meets his expectations
of the functions, but also because of its exterior.
He fully trusts our Creative Director Desmond Chang’s understanding
of Chinese cuisine and artistic taste.
We are deeply honored that Legle Porcelain can collaborate with Chef Vicky again
for his venture « WING ».

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