🐉 Happy Dragon Boat Festival

The creator of the first modern luxury tableware designed for Chinese cuisine has inspired a gastronomic rebirth.

A WAITER DISCREETLY POURS a cup of Dongding oolong tea from a pristine white porcelain teapot that gleams with the same luster and warm translucence as fine jade. Admiring its auspiciously round, full shape, Desmond Chang pauses to contemplate the size. Have the practicalities of the custom-made extra large teapot overwhelmed the delicate balance and elegance of the design? He mentally files it away for later consideration.

An ancient Chinese festival, the Dragon Boat Festival or Duan Wu dates back to a time thousands years earlier. There are different versions of the origin of this traditional holiday. Some believe that Dragon Boat Festival is originated from dragon worship . So we’d like to take the chance to introduce you about our new design which also worships dragon on Duan Wu.
Jade Dragon
Fortune & Prosperity
« Jade Dragon » is the first collection designed by RUYI exclusively for Legle Porcelain. It combines the eastern philosophy with modern sensibility of RUYI, a brand that highly admires and embraces the Oriental cultural heritage. Jade Dragon meanwhile symbolizes propitious blessings of everlasting fortune and prosperity.
Wishing you health and happiness on Dragon Boat (aka Duan Wu) Festival!
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